The DMC Trans-Fer® is a logical, timely combination of current technology and natural air flow providing a modern method of moving grain.

The systems are the perfect companion for any new or existing grain drying and storage facilities. Grain is moved through conveying tubes on a cushion of air, minimizing grain damage and maximizing efficiency and convenience. These systems are easy to install and maintain. Expansion is as easy as laying more pipe.

We now offer a wide range of capacities that will handle the requirements of most operations. The Trans-Fer system will supply the necessary capacity to keep up with today's harvesting equipment, minimizing grain damage while retaining the same high quality of grain harvested. The flexibility of these systems allow easy design and application for your present operation or for future expansion.

The DMC Trans-Fer® air systems are constructed with industrial quality, heavy duty cast iron rotary airlocks, positive displacement blower units and industrial type air cleaner filters. The standard control center includes amp-meter (for blower motor), adjustable time delay switch, allowing the system to clean tubes before shutdown and automatic pressure sensing shutdown. All motors are thermally protected. A dryer can be integrated to automatically run with fail safe features. This heavy duty industrial system will provide years of normal service and operation.


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