A world leader in steel corrugated storage grain bin manufacturing, Grain Systems offers the strongest and heaviest gauge storage tanks in the industry with capacities up to 1.1 million bushel (36,568 MT). Our tank sidewall is roll-formed at the GSI plant using 8, 5 and 6 gauge, prime high tensile steel up to 65,000 PSI (450 MPa). The heavier 5 gauge sidewall allows us to provide taller tanks with our advanced design, compared to other manufacturers who provide 8 gauge as their maximum thickness and rely on lamination to match the 5 gauge strength.

Solid Roof Support

The GSI structural beam design allows quick and simple roof construction. Each roof panel is manufactured using GSI's exclusive, fully automated, roll forming line. This insures a precise and consistent fit throughout assembly and helps maintain a tight seal between panels. Only GSI offers this level of accuracy in roof panel manufacturing.

Heavy Roof Peak "Flat Top"

The GSI "Flat Top" is a structurally welded, flat platform providing a large surface to attach overhead equipment, spouting, catwalks, etc. without the costly field fabrication. The "Flat Top" comes standard on all 54 ft. dia. and larger tanks (optional on 33 ft. - 48 ft.) and requires no time consuming field assembly

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